Tangelo Rummy


The best word to describe this drink is: intriguing. It just made me go wow, this is an interesting flavor combo that’s tangy, bittersweet, dry, and complex. And a fun neon-esque color to boot! I nailed the ingredient ratio on the 1st try in creating this recipe - superbly awesome! Usually I need several tries to get it to where I like it.

If you like orange, Aperol Liqueur is great fun to mix with because of its bittersweet orange flavor, the vibrant color it gives a cocktail, and it’s lower in alcohol (11% ABV) than it’s cousin Campari (and less bitter)! 

The Street Pumas white rum is distilled from molasses in Panama and has a nice light fruity taste with hints of vanilla and tropical fruit. This is the first cocktail I’ve made with it and it feels like a fantastic mixing rum. This was my favorite spirit of their lineup that I tried at an Astor Wines tasting in March.

• 1.5 oz white rum - I used The Street Pumas Rum
• 3/4 oz Aperol
• 1/2 oz fino sherry - I used Tio Pepe
• 1/2 oz fresh tangelo juice - I used Minneola tangelos
• 3 dashes orange bitters - I used Fee Brothers

Tools: shaker, jigger or mini measuring glass, mesh strainer, citrus squeezer, knife, cutting board, coupe glass from Sur La Table.

How to make: chill coupe glass and add all ingredients to shaker. Fill shaker with ice and shake until cold. Double strain into chilled coupe glass, and cheers!

One final note… I’d argue this drink could be good over shaved ice but I was so taken with the interesting flavor that I went with it sans rocks.

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